Warning..IRS can take away your passport

On February 11, 2017, while we were sleeping, our right to travel freely was revoked by the new administration.

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Best Game on Google Play



screenshot_2016-11-26-23-36-03       bg-game icon100

Ninja Mole Smash is a fun, interactive game for kids and adults of all ages. The objective is to smash the ninja moles determined to take eat your crops with your hammer. The best mode is Hostage. In Hostage mode, you must hit the Ninja and avoid hitting the hostages held by the ninja. It is a race against the clock!!

Clean eating

No matter where you go in this big world, food and vegetables are readily available and they provide a daily source of the vitamins your body needs. My favorite morning shake recipe to start my busy day: 1/2 banana – rich in Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C and Folate 1 turmeric root – contains curcumin that helps prevent […]

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Fun Games on Google Play

All these wonderful, fun and free games are available on Google Play under Open World Inc. Enjoy and review



Police stop a bad landlord

To protect our tenants, we must enforce the law and allow for counterclaims during eviction actions. The only way to change the living conditions of our AZ residents is to hit the landlords, and their attorneys where it hurts; in their pockets.

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Top 5 Bad Acts of Past Presidents

With the inauguration of what some are calling the most hated President in history, we thought the American people should relive 5 bad acts committed by past Presidents.

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