Police stop a bad landlord

To protect our tenants, we must enforce the law and allow for counterclaims during eviction actions. The only way to change the living conditions of our AZ residents is to hit the landlords, and their attorneys where it hurts; in their pockets.

via Phoenix Police crack down on slumlord — TENANT SHIELD

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A. Intervening Cause                                                           C. Superseding Cause

B. Proximate Cause                                                               D. Remote Cause


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The Cool Baby steps on the gas, runs a red light and crashes into another car. The driver of that other car sues JD alleging that she is responsible for his damages because she saw the baby, spoke to the baby and didn’t call the police. Will the driver prevail in Court?

A. Yes because JD has an ethical duty to warn the public.

B. Yes because JD is an officer of the court so she had a duty to warn.

C. No because JD is not the mother of the child or the owner of the vehicle.

D. No because JD did not have a duty to warn.

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