New Game on Popular Platform

VERSUS released an Early Access game on STEAM, the premier online platform for indie published game.  Early Access allows you, the gamer, to become a part of the process and give your feedback and suggestion to the developer to implement into the fully realized video game.


After 3 years in development, Open World Comics released the fighting game with 4 playable characters, each with their own stage. If you like fighting games or just want to have a great time or want to participate in the development of a wonderful project, go to your Steam store and play VERSUS.


Radi Lewis is the owner of Open World Comics. He is a video game and comic book publisher. Mr. Lewis has written and published ‘The Children of the Phoenix’, “Tales of Them’, ‘Tech Watch’.  He wrote a comic book for the Arlington Texas Flood Preparedness and participated in the Guinness Book of World Records ‘Fastest Time to Produce a Comic Book (2014)’.  You may reach Mr. Lewis about VERSUS at the contact information below:




 Twitter: @techwatchcomics



Fun Games on Google Play

All these wonderful, fun and free games are available on Google Play under Open World Inc. Enjoy and review


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Law School Trivia App- Available on Google Play